Thursday, August 26, 2004

New Vid Possibilities


The next vid will be for "It's Been A While" by Staind. I didn't use to like the song, but heard it recently and realized it could make a great video. It will be a story vid, with Logan trying to convince Rogue to take him back after he did some horrible stuff.

"One Thing" by Finger Eleven is a possibility for a vid. The lyrics are good but I had tried using it before and didn't get past the first 20 seconds. I guess will see if it will work this time or not.

I'm looking for more requests and/or suggestions for my site and future vids. I'd love to give Logan/Rogue a break and use other pairings (I'm getting a little tired of Logan/Jean as well), so please let me know who'd you like to see together - the weirder the better!




  • Hey there!

    I'm back again with some music suggestions.
    I know that you're considering other pairings but I'm still kinda obsessed with Logan and Marie so these would be song suggestions for them, if that's OK...

    3 Door's Down - Away From The Sun
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love
    Vanessa Carlton - Twilight
    Basically ANY songs from Sarah Mclachlan's 'Afterglow' album (I sooooo love that album!)

    I'm not sure if any of those songs could fit to M/L scenes from the X-Men movies but you are very good at making the videos so I'll leave the suggestions in your very capable hands!

    Best wishes

    W/R site - http://www.freewebs.com/uktara/

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:26 a.m.  

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