Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Getting Help


I've been offered some help by twisted_lil_punk and kitty_pride_shadow_cat ( I guess I'll just call her kitty from now on :-) ), so they're each going to make vids for one or two of the requests. Sorry if the people who requested them wanted only me to make them, but I like twisted's work, and kitty has also made vids of her own before.

I've got some ideas of my own which I'll probably fit in between the requests.

I've been getting some great song ideas from you guys, so keep 'em coming. Comments posted on this blog are anonymous unless you write your name at the end, so please don't be shy. I only ask one small thing of you: when you submit a song idea, please think about how the lyrics would work out in a vid. Songs that mention specific event or people don't work out as well as a song with lyrics that can be anyone, anywhere, anytime, and mean anything. I'm not trying to be picky and will make any vid that's suggested, so if there's a song that your just dying to see as a vid, even though your not sure how it will work, feel free to send it in anyway :-)

If anyone else who has made videos before want to help out, please let me know. I'd usually do them all myself, but the request list is isn't exactly short, and I want to make up for past couple of months where there were no new videos.

I'm in Montreal from the 30th to 2nd, with no internet so you may not hear from me for a while. I check my email every chance I get so keep sending feedback good or (constructively) bad.

Bye and Happy New Year.



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