Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ok Ok Ok

So here's the deal

I have finished about 1 minute of the vid for "The Power Of Love" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. It has the potential to be a really great vid, but making it is harder than I thought. Every time I add a clip I don't think it's good enough and take a break to think. Unfortunately the last break I took has lasted for about 10 days, and counting.

However, thanks to the amazing people who visit my site, I have had many other requests (usually given in a list of songs, which I love because it gives me a choice, plus you get more of your requests made). There's now a waiting list of three people, which has forced me to finally get to work on "Power". I plan on finishing it by early next week, but we all know how what I plan to do rarely ends up being what I actually do.

I'm going to try really, really, really hard to get the vids made, so please bare with me :-)

By the way, work on the new layout has been moving at a snail's pace, but progress is being made. (making vids = fun; making layout = not so much fun; therefore, a lot of work on videos, not so much work on layout)

If anyone has any fanart, music videos (movie and possibly evolution), sound bites, or any x-men media not including fanfiction (I'll leave that to the pros), AND you want it to be displayed on the new site, please email me. I'm going to use PhotoBucket to host the images, so I will not have to hotlink for those (I won't use up your bandwidth). Until I find a good FREE video and/or media hosting site, any other work will be hotlinked, simply because I don't have the space :-(

I know this is a very long message, but it has some important info in it. Thank you to all the X-Fans out there. REQUESTS WILL BE MADE!