Thursday, September 30, 2004


I hate this computer.

I hate Windows Movie Maker.

I hate those stupid green dots that keep appearing in my vids.

Now that I got that out, here's the latest news:

1) Windows Movie Maker has reached a new level of annoyance. Now it won't let me finish "Power", which I was really trying to have done (hopefully it's Windows and not the vid file, 'cause remaking the whole thing would really, really suck). I'm getting a new computer sometime in October, so hopefully all problems will disappear (damn those dots!).

2) I'm gotten more requests, which are now on the waiting list. I promise, if you made a request a video will be made for it (if you sent a list then its most likely that 2 or 3 will be made, but once the first one is done you're moved back to the bottom of the list - I'm trying to make it fair). Once I get things working again, I hope to complete all requests on the list within about 2 1/2 weeks.

3) You guys rock! I'm still getting around 80 hits a day on my site, which is amazing considering that there hasn't been any new vids on in a while. I remember when I never got 80 hits, hmmm... those were the days :-)

4) Feel free to continue making requests, suggestions, and even complaints (although I would appreciate if you refrain from directing any insults towards me or the other visitors - constructive criticism is one thing but hate mail is in a category of its own).

Thanks, and please.... Spread The Word!