Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bugs Worked Out

Hi all

I've finally got all of the bugs worked out of my new computer and will have at least two new vids on my site this weekend. Yay!

I've gotten an offer to place an ad for BuySellTix.com on my site, and they're paying an ok amount so I'm gonna do it. It'll be at the bottom of my page and look just like regular links - I'll put an "advertisement" header above it so you'll know. I checked out the site and it seems legitimate. It'll be up for twelve months.

I'm really going to try and finally redo the layout of my site after I make some vids. I have the images worked out, and know what I'm going to do, so its just a matter of actually doing it. The site will look a lot cleaner then, and I'll be able to put other people's work on there as well.

If you have any videos, fanart, or other media that's not fiction and would like it displayed on my site, please email me or post a reply to any of my messages. I have an account at photobucket.com and plan to use it for hosting images, so I won't need to hotlink them. I will however need to hotlink (link directly to the file on your site) for video files and possibly some other stuff that are really large files - I do that for my vids already.

Thanks for sticking with me. The site will be back on track soon enough.