Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hi Guys

Hi Guys

I've just learned some more website-making skills so there will be more progress made on the new layout, which hopefully I will be able to finish. I'd like to add music videos other people have made, so let me know if you have some.

I had a problem with logging into angelfire from my computer, but I think It'll be fine now, so I can update more quickly and easily.

I'm not sure what's going on with my "To The Moon and Back" video, it may be corrupted, but I think I can save it.

I'm getting a lot of feedback, even when I haven't updated for a while :-) Thanks for letting me know how you guys feel about my site, and keep the comments coming.

C U around.



  • seriously guys, im cursed in the computer area. I just got a new video card to make my Sims 2 Univerty game to work...well the moniter wont leave the stupid "check power supply" screen. So i'm stuck on my little sisters laptop....i wont even begin on how bad it smells in here! Plus im kinda sick too gah!

    I sent in a new video to loganrogueshipper. I forgot the exact name but I belive it to be "When the Stars Go Blue" for hmmm think here Wolverine and Rogue! I'm planning to make a anti Bobby, John, Cody,and some one else (ideas?)to i forget the song by the Wreckers. But im gonna need like the whole 2 movies on my comp...so yah...lol. I do have a few x-men evo eps on my comp...so i might make a few music vids that are movie and evo cross overs....not sure tho.
    alright my pysco babel is done...

    -RJ BOO

    By Anonymous RJ BOO, at 12:56 p.m.  

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